20110903_Hang on ?!

One day that supposed to study turned out to be one day in vain.
Why my self-doubt grows stronger and stronger these days?
I know it looks silly to wrote the blog in English.
But I thinks that there is someone else who speaks in English lived inside me, he (why not she?) showed up when i was drunk or when I lost my faith in things.

Is it all I have been waiting for ?
if it is, why I am not so sure ?

I guess there truly is a missing piece, a missing ones i just cannot figure out right now, right here in Hsinchu.(Though here i am sitting in front of my sister’s messy desk typing this stupid article)

Maybe I need a break, or maybe i just don’t want work hard for GMAT.
That’s not true!
It seemed the correct path but with something wrong.

I must convinced myself that I do love product development and marketing.
Steve Jobs said that “You must find what you love to do. if you don’t, then keep on finding"

yup, keep on finding.


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